Opitz Volume Reducing Case Sealer

Packaging Inefficiency is Verboten!

Cartons too standard? Products too varied? Time was a Click and Collect Christmas Reindeer decoration came in a box big enough for a fridge, surrounded by clouds of polystyrene squiggles. Very inefficient packaging, which you don’t want to pay for and customers don’t want to deal with.

Opitz have thought long and hard about the problem of varied product sizes and the need for minimum disruption on the packaging line.   After all the demands on order picking systems are even greater and fulfilment can be hindered by, well, basically boxes. Can it be improved to provide

Maximum Carton Efficiency?

Packaging, Labour and Transport Cost Savings?

Environmentally Friendly Solutions?

Opitz has something that does it all. The patented Vario 558, Volume Reducing Case Sealer stands out in terms of efficiency and practicality. Looking at what comes along the fulfilment line Opitz have grasped the problem precisely and come up with a 4 in 1 solution.  Cartons are measured, sliced, folded and sealed in one neat, fully automatic machine that can handle the pace of a busy line. Opitz provides a choice of sealing options including water activated paper tape. Gummed tape has many advantages over plastic tape, including eliminating single use plastic from your packaging line. Customers will approve of the tamper-evident, fully recyclable packaging. No more excessive cartons coming through the door.

In short the Vario 558 offers these benefits to your packaging line:

· Volume optimized parcels

· Reduced costs for transportation

· Reduced costs on packaging / filling material and labour

· Processing of various box formats at random product sequences

· Sealing by water activate paper tape (tamper-evident protection)

· Environmentally friendly

· Short pay-back time

Compact and efficient! Check out 3 machines in 1 video

Special Flat Pack caser, H-Taper and Volume reducing case sealer

Mr Opitz Shows UK Visitors the Vario 558
Mr Opitz with Volume Reducer Vario 558

Mr Opitz shows recent visitors from the UK the Vario 558 Volume reducer in his new showroom near Hannover, Germany

In 2019 Opitz delivered the Vario 558 for:

  • Storopack as partner
  • Gigant BZW for end customer Ikea Austria
  • Oji Japan, demo machine for paperboard company
  • Nitori, the ‘Ikea’ of Japan
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