Eco friendly box closing machines

Opitz range of box erecting and case closing machines apply recyclable gummed paper tape instead of self adhesive tape. Their volume reducing box closers offer dispatch operations a faster and more sustainable return on investment . They eliminate plastic from the package.

Going Green – Sustainable solutions that make the case without plastic

Opitz Specialise in eco friendly box closing machines and case erectors that apply gummed paper tape as an alternative to Self adhesive plastic tape.

Eco Friendly Box Closing machines use gummed tape

Gummed paper tape consists of a kraft paper coated with an natural glue layer which, once wet, adheres to the cardboard box. It’s works like licking the envelope.

Gummed tape has several advantages over self adhesive tape, these include environmental, consumer and transportation benefits:

  • Fully Recyclable
    Reducing plastic waste has been a hot topic recently. The problem with plastic tape is that it contaminates the waste stream. In contrast gummed tape consists of recyclable materials: the carrier material is made of wood and the glue is based on renewable resources like potatoes and maize. This means that the whole box will break down when composted or can be recycled.Logo-Recycle
  • Tamper-evident closure
    Because gummed tape is the same type of material as the corrugated case it is sticking too the tape cannot be removed without tearing the box or cutting the tape. This makes it an ideal tamper evident solution. The result is a closure that is accepted for known consignor shipments as well as air freight.
  • Dust protection
    Gummed tape makes a homogenous bond with the cardboard resulting in a better seal. Because the tape is wet, gummed tape bonds well to the often dusty surface of the cases. Dust is sometimes a problem for self adhesive tape which looses its adhesive properties when coated in dust. The superior seal has benefits in the packaging of pharmaceuticals. This protects the contents against dust. Opitz also offers cross seals to fully seal the case.
Case sealing options
Case sealing options
  • Improved Stability & durability
    Gummed tape closures are more stable than self-adhesive tape closures. This is particularly important when packages are heavy. In drop tests gummed paper tape closures handle better in falls. Gummer tape is more durable when temperature and humidity varies, crucial for air freight. Gummed tape can be strengthen with fibres to make it even stronger.
  • Knife Free opening option
    The addition of a tear strip makes it possible to open the case without the need for a knife.Knife free case opening system

Gummed Tape Volume Reducing Case Closers – Removing the Fillings

The Opitz Volume reducers removes the need to fill cases with air cushions or loose fill removing another source of plastic waste from the package and ultimately the environment.

The prize winning  Vario 558 measures the height of the contents of the box and cuts the flaps down effectively reducing the height of the box. Reducing the height reduces the need to back fill with air pillows or other loose fill materials. Because the Vario 558 can handle cases of different footprints and heights one machine can cover a range of product sizes simultaneously. This makes it the ideal machine for varied and smaller volumes of cases.

Fast Return of Investment

As well as doing their bit to save the planet, customers in the electronics and clothing industries run the GO588  volume reducing box closer because of the fast return on investment. The box closer saves costs in many areas:

  • Save Shipping costs due to smaller package size
  • Reduce back fill material
  • Save storage costs due to reduced number of case sizes required
  • Save of labour costs labour due to automation.

To read more details on the Vario 558 Volume reducing case closer click here.