Update on Deckert Machines Shipped Recently- COUNT, FILL, CAP, LABEL

A number of R.Deckert Filling, Counting, Capping machines reached the UK and Irish shores in 2020 including 2 Air Rinsers and a Tablet Counting Line.

R Deckert Update January 2021

A number of Deckert machines headed for these shores during what has become a choppy 2020:

2 Air Rinsing Machines

Due to the move away from plastic to glass there has been an increase in demand for Air rinsers that turn the bottle when they clean. The ABM delivered Air Rinses bottles that arrive in pucks.

Capper-Induction Sealing Machine

An Irish Pharmaceutical Manufacturing site took delivery of a Capping machine. The caps were placed by hand. The machine tightened, induction sealed and re-torqued. The verification and quality features of the machine were paramount to the customer. The Induction sealer seals the bottle statically ensuring a consistant seal and providing feedback to the machine sreject system. The servo drives for cap tightening were fitted with torque control and measurement and a cap scanner verified cap placement.

Rotary TVM Monoblock Counter

TVM-Tablet-Counter Capper Sealer
TVM Tablet Counter Capper Sealer

Designed for tight spaces, the TVM supplied to a UK Manufacturer placed desiccant, counted, capped, induction sealed and re-torqued in the smallest of spaces. Format changeover is fast because all stations are located around a single star wheel.

As well as these machines the video shows installations of the popular AVR rake machine for liquid filling of cream Jar, Liquid Filling of Shampoos and Counting of Tablets. Read more here: http://www.raupack.co.uk/wordpress/de…

Author: Gregor Rauch

Managing Director of Raupack