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Gantry Robot for Palletising of Sugar Packs

Our machinery is perfectly suitable for the aerosol industry as we offer machines for nearly every part of your aerosol line.

We offer Capping, Buttoning and Labelling machines for Aerosol cans. Our Monoblock capper, buttoner labeller varies in speed and footprint as well. Our smallest monobloc machine has the speed of 60 cans per minute, having the smallest footprint on the market. It also can uniquely contain an optional integrated weighchecking module. One level higher we have a machine with the speed of 100 cans per minute, but the fastest monoblock machine can go up to 240 cans per minute. These machines can deal with different cap shapes or actuators and can easily orientate them into the right position. Alternatively, separate buttoner, capper or labeller modules are available.

We are also experts in the area of Function and Leak Testing. Our valve function tester for MDIs uses optical sensors to test spray at up to 220 per minute. Our leak detector for MDIs is a rotary machine testing leakage on cans in parts per million, used as an alternative to quarantine or to reduce quarantine time.
The lab scale leak detector is a single leak detector to test cans off-line. It handles standard aerosols or MDIs and also detects leakage in parts per million. We also have an in-line leak detector which is verified to comply to both ADR and BAMA guides for water bath alternative. It has a speed range of 30 to 240 cans per minute.

In the field of Feeding and Dip Tube Assembly we deal with cap sorting (up to 1000 caps per minute) and also with valve and dip tube feeding from sorter or direct to line at up to 500 parts per minute.

Our end of line machinery allows you to insert aerosol cans into cases, and if it is needed we can help you in palletising, depalletising as well.

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