Barry M satisfied with vertical cartoning machine

Barry M satisfied with vertical cartoning machine

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One of the leading brands in the cosmetics industry, Barry M have recently purchased a fully automatic vertical cartoning machine to pack nail varnish bottles into cartons. The machine was delivered to their main manufacturing site in London and they couldn't be more satisfied with the system since. The initial discussions started by identifying the challenges Barry M faced with their production and the opportunities to improve their operation. The main objective was to come up with cost effective solutions that had the best return on investment. The outcome was to use a fully automatic cartoning system which included bottle orientation before pick and place loading into cartons vertically [picture below] and the use of a print system to print barcodes. Vertical cartoning machine with automatic product insertionOne of the problems Barry M faced was the lack of speed of the manual packing operation. On occasion the manual operation damaged the separators in the carton during packing. These issues were solved on the machine by using mouthpieces to guide 3 bottles into the carton at the same time, significantly increasing output. The project also delivered a mechanical verification station to confirm that all the bottles were fully loaded into the cartons. This ensured there was no potential damage to the carton during closing. After the vertical cartoning machine was delivered the customer added a turntable to the line to eliminate the manual labour that was required to load the bottles. The turntable feeds a conveyor belt with side-belts which singulates and aligns the bottles ready for loading into the carton. Vertical cartoning machine for nail varnishes

Space saving design

The biggest challenge Barry M faced was the available space they had for a potential equipment. They required a vertical cartoning machine with a footprint of less than 4m2. The room also contained concrete columns which had to be taken into consideration. The compact machine and clever design made it possible to install a machine that met all of the customer’s requirements. The speed of the machine was sold to pack at least 30 cartons per minute packing 90 nail varnish bottles in threes every minute. However, the machine can run comfortably at more than 35 cartons per minute speed exceeding the customers 100 bottle per minute milestone.

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