Cost Effective Top Load Cartoner

Cost Effective Top Load Cartoner

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JW have brought their considerable experience of cartoning machines to make the top loaded carton option available on their vertical cartoner. In a recent installation JW supplied a medical device manufacturer with a vertical cartoning machine for top loaded cartons, as shown in the video below.  The company is a long time customer of JW and were looking for a compact cartoner tailored to the the layout.  

Automatically picking from a magazine of flat blanks, the carton is pushed vertically by a die and the sides folded and glued in place. The fully automatic cartoner places the products, in this case a thermoform pack and two leaflets, into the carton, as can be seen in the video. A code reader reads the barcode on the leaflet and a second reader detects the pharma code on the box before the front edge is sealed. 

Stack flat items easily into cartons

The CCM-AV top load cartoner allows products to be loaded into the carton via the large face.


Different arrangements within top loaded cartons can be achieved, allowing kits with loose components or medical devices to be arranged inside. Flat items, which could otherwise be difficult to stack, can be placed into the carton from the top. The wide opening from the top of the carton is particularly suitable for sachets and stick packs as they are easier to load into the carton and easier to remove by the consumer. 

Carton sealing and opening options

Different options for carton opening and closing are possible such as winged hinges,  or folded front edges giving a smoother finish for an ‘unboxing’ experience. Tuck in closure or hot melt glue can be used to seal the carton. 

Even though cartons are loaded from the top they can also be designed to open from the ends, allowing for a wide range of packaging options suitable for many products. Highly practical is the amount of space available for printing on the underside of the lid, which may reduce considerably the need for separate printed material. 

Bespoke cartoning solutions 

Leaflets can be placed above, below or in both positions. The cartoner is available in automatic or semi-automatic versions at speeds of up to 30 per minute, making it an ideal solution for smaller runs with smaller volumes or which require some manual intervention (semi-automatic). Hybrid solutions, where some products are placed automatically, and others manually are also possible. The machine can be fitted with up to two loading stations for two operators. A tamper evident label can be applied when the carton is sealed and an integrated weigh cell station is an option.

Key Features

If user experience is a large consideration in your packaging requirements, consider a top loaded carton for its practical and aesthetic qualities, combining high quality product finish with great functionality. The JW CCM is a cost effective, compact vertical cartoner with many options available to suit your packaging needs. 

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