Designing Hot Melt and Tuck Closures for Cartoning Machines

Designing Hot Melt and Tuck Closures for Cartoning Machines

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Episode 2: Hot Melt and Tuck in Closure

Carton Machine requirements for automation

In this video we explain the various options to consider for closing and sealing when choosing a carton suitable for automation on a JW Cartoning machine.  As well as being functional, all cartons need to be closed and sealed to suit the product inside, be secure until opened and possibly resealed many times. Cartoners come with different erection, closing and sealing options which all need to be optimised for different carton content types.

Airplane and Reverse Tuck Closures

Airplane Tuck boxes are closed from the same side at the top and bottom creating a smooth edge-free front of carton, suitable for cosmetic products where an appealing aesthetic is demanded. They are good for cartons with windows as the flaps are arranged away from the window once closed. Airplane tuck cartons can be more expensive because less blanks may can be cut out of a sheet, depending on the design.

Reverse Tuck cartons are cost effective, easy to assemble and can have a range of closures such as slit or friction. Flaps are located on opposite sides internally, which is less likely to interfere with the contents. The way in which the blank carton is folded will determine which direction the carousel rotates on the JW Cartoner and therefore the location of all the other stations. Where multiple cartons are being run on the machine they should be designed to open in the same direction.

Glued Closures

Glued flap closure is a good choice with greater security being necessary for some products, either to stop access or prevent escape. Extra glue can also be applied ‘belt and braces’ for sift-proof closure required for powdered or loose products. The application of glue to an outside closure allows for an opening tear strip to improve access. The remaining flap can then be re-closed if required.

JW Vertical Cartoning range

JW Automatic and Semi-automatic Cartoners are compact and efficient. They are designed to accommodate all types of cartons and closures. With adjustable tooling, different types of cartons and closures can be run at the same time, allowing you to package several products at once. Product sizes can vary from slim sample products to large liquid cartons

Let Raupack, with 25 years’ experience in the packaging industry, guide you through the decisions required to have your product well packaged and ready for market.  

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