Semi-Automatic Vertical Cartoner for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Semi-Automatic Vertical Cartoner for the Pharmaceutical Industry

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Raupack and JW recently shipped a Semi Automatic Vertical Cartoner to the Pharmaceutical Industry. The customer was looking for maximum flexibility without compromising on the verification requirements of the Pharmaceutical industry. The CCM Duo shown in this video was designed to allow our customer maximum flexibility whilst meeting the verification requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. 

Exchange Tooling for Hot Melt, Tuck in and Crash Lock

Exchange tooling allows the machine to process Tuck in cartons - both Aeroplane and Reverse Tuck as well as Crash lock or hot melt cartons. 

 The vertical cartoner is fitted with 2 manual loading stations, allowing up to 2 operators to load the cartons.  During each machine cycle, the operator crosses a light barrier to place the products into the carton. An LED light alerts the operator to when the carton is ready to load. A hand switch located at the manual loading stations can be used to confirm the carton has been loaded, releasing the machine to index. 

Verify, Verify, Verify

A mobile leaflet feeder located at the first loading station, verifies the leaflet code before presenting it to the operator for manual loading. A height scanner mounted above the carton loading station can be activated to verify that products have loaded. This is particularly useful for bottles and tubs. The second loading station is fitted with a chute which has two slots. One for a leaflet bundle, the other for stick packs. The leaflet code is verified by a code reader mounted inside the chute. The presence of each component is verified before a gate opens to drop the parts into the carton. An intelligent camera located after the loading stations verifies the contents of the cartons. A code reader mounted at the carton magazine verifies the correct cartons have been loaded into the magazine. Rejects are blown into a reject bin from the outfeed conveyor. 

Depending on configuration and products being run the machine is able to produce up to around 30 cartons per minute with 1 operator.  

Tailored to Specific Requirements

The CCM MV Duo can be tailored to our customers specific requirements. We will build the machine with all required functions. These could include functions such as carton print, labelling, collation or application of tamper evident labels.

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