Reduce packaging, Reduce plastic, Recycle everything

Reduce packaging, Reduce plastic, Recycle everything

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Customers are looking for sustainable alternatives to plastic packaging. Glass and card are fully recyclable and have existing recycling infrastructure in place. Given these considerations Raupack supplies machines with low environmental impact in mind. 

Reduced Packaging requirements - Eliminating Plastic air pouches and plastic tape 

 The Opitz Volume Reducing Case Packer uses award winning technology to minimise the need for different cases sizes in dispatch operations. Accurate box sizing dramatically reduces back-fill and increases transport efficiency. Gummed tape sealing is fast becoming the industry standard and the whole package can easily be recycled by the consumer. Read more about our case erectors and volume reducers.

Less plastic = more glass bottles

The move away from plastic bottles has led to an increase in glass containers. In turn this has led to increased demand for Deckert Air rinsing machines particularly in the cosmetics and personal care market. Customers enjoy the quality and feel of glass bottles and are able to recycle the packaging effectively. The Deckert air rinse machine turns the bottles upside down to ensure any glass splinters are removed.


Cartons as alternative to plastic trays

Packaging without plastic is suitable for a wide range of products from cosmetic jars, bottles and soaps to large format cannisters and even some food items. Highly compact vertical and horizontal cartoners are suitable for different speeds and outputs, can be fully or semi automatic and support fully recyclable cardboard packaging solutions.

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