Renting the CCM-MV Semi-Automatic Vertical Cartoner

Renting the CCM-MV Semi-Automatic Vertical Cartoner

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A Service tailored to your needs: Faster Payback through rental

Not sure if automation is for you? Are you unsure if you want to commit to buying a machine?

At Raupack we understand our customers challenges and concerns, especially when it comes to investing in new machinery, and that is why at Raupack we are making available this specific option for our clients, “Rent and Try before you commit to Buy!”

We are offering a CCM-MV semi-automatic vertical cartoner available for Rent (Terms and Conditions apply) which can be ready in a matter of weeks rather than months.

Here is a video of the Machine, that was at a recent exhibition, to illustrate its functionality and potential for your business.

The CCM-MV semi-automatic vertical cartoner can be built bespokely with specific attachments added to suit your business and production needs, so no more standard size fits all! At Raupack, we tailor equipment to suit our customers’ needs and we build to your specification and business requirements!

Flexible Options

At Raupack we provide options for you for the machine build.

The CCM-MV can be supplied as a Hot Melt or a Tuck in cartoner, or both

We can fit accessories such as:

Once we have had an exploratory conversation, agreed what meets your business needs, and received your purchase order, we then begin setting up the cartoner for your specific cartoning requirements.

Usually this takes Raupack a matter of weeks rather than the usual waiting time of several months, and this enables us to get the machine to you more speedily, enabling you to benefit from the automation process more quickly within your business!

Fixed Costs

In a fluid economic operating environment, businesses value being able to fix their costs for forward financial planning, and this rental option from Raupack enables you to achieve this

Prices are determined by a combination of the cost for the core machine and the addition of the specific accessories you require for your business operation. This can be discussed in more detail directly with the Raupack Managing Director, Gregor Rauch when you make your enquiry.

There is a Minimum Rental Period of 18 Months for new machines. This gives your business a good timeframe to gain the benefits of the machine and also to assess your longer-term investment plans around your machinery requirements.

Included within the Fixed Rental Price will be the set up and formatting of the machine to your specification, and this can include specific sectoral requirements, such as liner closing for Cosmetic businesses and Validation paperwork for Pharma customers
At Raupack, we are flexible and adaptable to your business needs and requirements and we are happy to discuss these in more detail at the enquiry meeting with Gregor.

Purchase Option

Should you wish to purchase the rental machine during, or at the end of your rental period, Raupack are happy to discuss and offer a discount for purchase. We can discuss this with you in more detail at the enquiry meeting.

Next Steps

If this is something you would like to explore further as an option for your business, then we would be pleased to receive your enquiry and set up a meeting to discuss the possibilities in more detail with you. Just send an email to us highlighting that you are interested in discussing further the Machine Rental Option. We will get in touch with you directly to set up an Exploratory meeting, either online or in person

We look forward to receiving your Enquiry and discussing your Rental options with you!

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