Volume Reducer with Lidder offers even more Flexibility to German furniture manufacturer

Volume Reducer with Lidder offers even more Flexibility to German furniture manufacturer

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Shipping of mixed orders from the Internet, direct to customers, requires flexible packaging solutions. Every order is different in size and volume, which can lead to slow speeds and excessive handling as well as extra cost and waste. Opitz Case Erectors and Closers bring a new level of ingenuity to the dispatch process, taking seriously the challenges posed by E-Commerce. Watch the videos below to see how!

Höffner, a German furniture manufacturer, needed an automatic solution for carton erection which was suitable for large and varied formats.Speed was not the most important factor, but a constant supply of different sized cases was. Manually loading a magazine with cartons was impractical so Opitz came up with a simple solution: carton picking straight from the pallet.

Project Scope

Step 1: Erection of large boxes picked directly from pallet

Large Format Carton erection of large and varied cases direct from the pallet.

Automatic Carton Erectors save time and money where larger volumes of cases are required for a constant throughput. Large cartons present challenges by being too bulky for operators to handle. Several format sizes may still be required to meet different packing requirements, meaning multiple carton magazines.

In this video several pallets of varied sized cartons are placed next to the carton erector. Instead of a magazine feed, a picker arm chooses the correct carton in whichever order required. Once the carton is erected and bottom sealed, it is sent on it's way to be filled in the picking operation. This system is integrated with the Opitz Vario 558 Volume Reducing Carton Closer and Sealer, providing a fully automatic, flexible and efficient solution for all dispatch requirements

Step 2: Closing the box after manual picking

The Opitz Vario 558 and Lidder features

  1.        Scanning station using optical detection of fill height – No user intervention required
  2.       Cutting is adjusted to the calculated box height – Automatic volume reduction
  3.        Flaps folded and taped – Fully sealed on the cut edge
  4.        Separate lid option – Random sequence for either sealing option
  5.        4 footprints of lids – Increase carton efficiency
  6.        Gummed tape sealing – Tamper evident and dust proof


The Opitz Vario 558 Volume Reducing Case Closer and Sealer leads the way in flexibility and efficiency when it comes to automatic case closers. Opitz are now offering a separate lid application on the Vario 558 alongside existing options. Different cases can be sealed or lidded, all on the same conveyor, in random sequence. No more switching and separating according to different case sizes or closing requirements.

Optical sensors detect carton fill height and automatically calculate cut requirements. This allows any size carton to be reduced and sealed by cutting down the sides, thus reducing the need for different carton sizes and backfill material. Folding the flaps over at the cut height allows for either sealing option as required.  Lidded boxes are topped with a lid which is folded down and glued into position in a quick sealing motion.

On taped cartons, gummed paper tape is applied to closed flaps on either the centre or the side as required. The taping head move to position to seal the carton on the cut, so there are no raw edges.

Gummed paper is 100% recyclable along with the carton, which consumers increasingly appreciate.  It has the advantage of being tamper-evident and dust proof as it bonds with the cardboard on application. Other tape options are available.

The system is fully connectable with other systems before and after the closing stage. 

Vario 558 Automatic Volume Reducing Case Closer and Lidder – reduces cost, time and packaging waste while increasing efficiency and flexibility for your order fulfilment requirements. Opitz is represented by Raupack machinery in the UK. Contact us with your enquiry about how the Vario 558 can reduce your costs as well as your cartons!



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