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DPK 6-1 Tablet counter single tablet reject

At Raupack we supply complete tablet Packaging and tablet counting machines that your operation will need. We supply pharmaceutical factories across the UK and Ireland.

The machines can be supplied either as mono-block machines for up to 60 Bottles per minute or as lines with dedicated machines for each step at speeds up to 200 bottles per minute.

All our tablet packaging machinery is designed for fast changeover and maximum size range.

Tablet Packaging Machines

Raupack and our partners bring a wealth of experience in designing and supplying Tablet Packaging Lines to the Pharmaceutical Industry across the United Kingdom and Ireland

As the first part of the tablet packaging line, our Bottle Unscrambler is designed to sort plastic bottles into the correct orientation. The machine is supplied with change parts for different bottle sizes and offers fast changeover which is vital in maximising operating efficiency.

The Bottle Cleaning machines are very popular because of their speed and efficiency in removing dust and debris from the bottles. This compact air rinsing unit turns the bottles upside down to allow particles to fall out before blowing and sucking out debris. This air cleaning machine is capable of handling up to 200 bottles per minute. An air rinsing module is also available in our Mono-block Tablet Counting Machine. All our Bottle cleaning machines can be fitted with de-ionisers.

Tablet Counting Machines

The CremerTablet counting machines guarantee 100% count accuracy. Furthermore they can be supplied with our Broken Tablet inspection system. The Cremer tablet counting heads can be supplied either as part of a Mono-block machine or as a standalone counter.

The Desiccant inserting machine can insert up to 4 barrel or sachet type desiccants into the same bottle. We can design the Desiccant Inserter so that it can insert both types into the same bottle. The Desiccant Inserter can also be integrated onto our range of mono-block capping machines.

Our Cottoner places the cotton into the bottle as an inverted U (n) ensuring that there are no whisps protruding out of the Bottle.

Capping Machines and Re-torquing machinery are standard parts of the Tablet Bottling Line and are optionally available with servo spindles which provide better torque control.

Our Bottle labelling machine is available as a standalone labeller for outputs above 60 bottles per minute or as a part of the mono-block tablet bottling machine.

Our Outserter , (Top-serter) and Sideserter modules can be fitted with bowl feeders to automatically feed the leaflets. This significantly reduces manual labour costs.

In addition, our Powder filling machine can be integrated into the tablet bottling line with a bypass to offer maximum flexibility.

Unique to our supplier Deckert, we offer a Mono-block Tablet Counting line that includes air rinsing, counting, labelling and broken tablet inspection at speeds of up to 50 bottles per minute. This machine is extremely space and cost efficient.

Contact Raupack or request a ring back today using our Ring Back Form to discuss your business requirements and how we can assist your operation.

News about RAUPACK Tablet Packaging Lines:

Deckert Installs Tablet Counting line with 2 Linear Counters feeding High Speed Labeller

Rudolf Deckert delivered a counting line to a manufacturer of Vitamin Tablets in Germany. The system consisted of 2 linear Monoblock counters and a high speed labeller. Deckert is known for the quality and innovation of their systems. Their systems are designed with fast changeover and high performance in mind.
18/01/2021 10:18:31

How a Monoblock Capsule and Tablet counting line is created

How a Monoblock Capsule and Tablet counting line is created? Recently, Deckert decided to keep a visual diary of just that, demonstrating how the fully automatic TVM 738 ‘Tablets into Bottles’ line was created. They shared their progress on social media to give everyone a look inside the company...
28/01/2022 17:19:46

Update on Deckert Machines Shipped Recently COUNT, FILL, CAP, LABEL

A number of R.Deckert Filling, Counting, Capping machines reached the UK and Irish shores in 2020 including 2 Air Rinsers and a Tablet Counting Line.
19/01/2021 16:23:22

Reduce packaging, Reduce plastic, Recycle everything

Customers are looking for sustainable alternatives to plastic packaging. Glass and card are fully recyclable and have existing recycling infrastructure in place.
26/11/2021 17:15:50

Automatic Broken Tablet Rejection on Tablet and Capsule Counting Machines

At Interpack 2017 Cremer and Deckert both showcased Cremer counters with camera inspection systems and automatic reject of individual capsules. Camera detection of broken, rogue or discoloured tablet or capsules is nothing new, however previously reject took place either manually or a container was rejected. To ensure the rejected tablet or capsule was rejected often more than 1 container was rejected. The new automatic broken tablet rejection systems presented at Interpack involved pneumatic suction systems that automatically removed the defective tablets or capsules from the infeed tracks. This new approach maximises yield while minimising downtime.
25/05/2017 10:39:04

Pre-breaking, carton insides and forming cartons from flat blanks

This is the third video in a series of videos about Raupack and JW cartoners that look at carton design and their implications on automation. For optimal performance on our cartoners, cartons should be pre-broken so they open easily. Where this is not possible because of the carton design, we can use a special cartoner and opening system to help the carton open. For cartons that are formed from flat blanks we use a form and die to create the carton.
27/02/2023 09:00:29

Designing Hot Melt and Tuck Closures for Cartoning Machines

JW Automatic and Semi-automatic Cartoners are compact and efficient. They are designed to accommodate all types of cartons and closures. With adjustable tooling, different types of cartons and closures can be run at the same time, allowing you to package several product at once.
18/11/2022 11:41:06

Cost Effective Top Load Cartoner

If user experience is a large consideration in your packaging requirements, consider a top loaded carton for its practical and aesthetic qualities, combining high quality product finish with great functionality.The JW CCM is a cost effective, compact vertical cartoner with many options available to suit your packaging needs.
03/05/2022 11:57:38

JW develops Mask Cartoner to meet payback and delivery requirements of volatile market

Since the outbreak of Covid 19 there has been a huge surge in demand for disposable masks. Times are uncertain and whilst mask manufacturers saw a spike in demand for their products, they could not be certain of the longevity of demand. Their customer, a Germany Mask manufacturer, needed a machine priced for a fast payment with a short delivery time.
22/12/2020 17:40:16

Cartoner that Counts into Cartons

JW has supplied a filter cartoner that count filters into a box using a Cremer CS-TQF 830 counting module. The use of a counting module ensures the right number of products is in each box. compared with other methods such as multi-head weighers, counting is a space efficient way to bring products to the machine .
09/07/2019 13:59:41

Barry M satisfied with vertical cartoning machine

One of the leading brands in the cosmetics industry, Barry M have recently purchased a fully automatic vertical cartoning machine to pack nail varnish bottles into cartons. The machine was delivered to their main manufacturing site in London and they couldn't be more satisfied with the system since.
01/12/2016 16:26:56

Jakob and Wienmeier Supply cartoners to Tea Industry

23/02/2016 15:32:19

Monoblock Liquid Filling Machine for Deodorant and Perfumes

The customer, a cosmetics manufacturer with a focus on natural products, already had Deckert machines of previous generations to the FVR Monoblock liquid filling machine. Unlike its predecessors, the FVR combined multiple closing stations, check weighers and filling pumps into a single modular machine. This reduced the space and change parts required.
31/01/2018 15:50:34

Turnkey Hardware and Software Serialisation solution for Contract Manufacturers in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The new Amacoder Track and Trace Tamper evident labeller marries serialisation project hardware and software. The result is a turnkey solution that is compact on the ground in the packaging line but whose reach extends to cover all aspects of data integration to Serialisation Authorities, Partners and beyond.
12/03/2018 09:57:02

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