Lubricant Spray Actuator Placing Machine

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Lubricant Spray Actuator Placing Machine

Lubricant Spray Buttoner


AeroSAM Lubricant Actuator Buttoner


Lubricasnt Spray Actutaor Placement
Lubricasnt Spray Actutaor Placement - Raupack UK and Ireland

Lubricant Actuator on Spray Can Raupack UK and IrelandLubricasnt Spray Actutaor Placement Raupack UK and Ireland

Model AeroSAM
Speed 60 Cans Per Minute
Format rangeup to 320 mm High cans (Taller cans on Request)
The AeroSAM buttons actuators designed for Lubricant Sprays. The Buttons are characterised by their hinged spray tubes which fold up to direct the spray to the area to be lubricated.

The machine can be built to handle different diameters, can sizes and buttons subject to customer requirements.


  • Lubricant Spray Actuators with Spray tubes

Main Benefits

  • Manual or Automatic feeding of Actutors
  • Compact Footprint
  • Optional Presence Control
  • Optional ATEX compliance

Technical Features

  • Siemens PLC


Bautz Supplies Aerosol Can Buttoning Machine AeroSAM for Lubricant Spray Heads with Spray Tubes
4/3/2018 3:03:43 PM

The customer was a manufacturer of Industrial Aerosols who has Bautz Leak testing machines on site. They were looking for a purpose built machine that would increase the output of their line from 20 to 40 actuators per min. The new system was to be fed manually. This would keep the equipment cost low and eliminate the need for change parts to run other actuator sizes. The operator's involvement would maximise flexibility to handle other sizes and shapes in the future.
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