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Capping, Crimping and Closing Machines

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AeroSAM Lubricant Actuator Buttoner

Every customer has a unique requirement. Batch sizes determine throughput and changeover requirements. Whatever your batch size and throughput their is a solution that fits.

Semi-Automatic Solutions include the S45 and C45 hand held crimping and screw capping units designed for the smallest batch sizes.

Simple Technology for first level automation. As volumes increase we recommend simple technology to achieve throughputs of up to 1200 closures per hour. These capping machines are largely pneumatic without complex controls systems. Often closures can be hand fed and the machinery completes the operation.

Fully automatic capping or crimping machines for more demanding operational requirements the Rotary range of machine can accomplish up to 60 cycles per minute. Beyond that Linear cappers can operate at up to 100 caps per hour.

Types of Closures

  • Screw Caps
  • Lotion Pumps
  • Vial Stoppers and Crimp Closure
  • Aerosol Buttons and Caps
  • Press on caps
  • Corks

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News about RAUPACK Cappers and Crimpers | Capping and Crimping machines:

Update on Deckert Machines Shipped Recently COUNT, FILL, CAP, LABEL

A number of R.Deckert Filling, Counting, Capping machines reached the UK and Irish shores in 2020 including 2 Air Rinsers and a Tablet Counting Line.
19/01/2021 16:23:22

Monoblock Liquid Filling Machine for Deodorant and Perfumes

The customer, a cosmetics manufacturer with a focus on natural products, already had Deckert machines of previous generations to the FVR Monoblock liquid filling machine. Unlike its predecessors, the FVR combined multiple closing stations, check weighers and filling pumps into a single modular machine. This reduced the space and change parts required.
31/01/2018 15:50:34

Bautz Supplies Aerosol Can Buttoning Machine AeroSAM for Lubricant Spray Heads with Spray Tubes

The customer was a manufacturer of Industrial Aerosols who has Bautz Leak testing machines on site. They were looking for a purpose built machine that would increase the output of their line from 20 to 40 actuators per min. The new system was to be fed manually. This would keep the equipment cost low and eliminate the need for change parts to run other actuator sizes. The operators involvement would maximise flexibility to handle other sizes and shapes in the future.
28/03/2018 14:39:45

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