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Gummed Water Activated Tape Case sealers

GO890 and GO751 Water activated Tape case erecting and closing

The Opitz Range of Case Erectors and Tapers uses water activated gummed tape to seal the box. Gummed paper tape is completely recyclable and does not contaminate the waste stream as plastic tape would. The Volume Reducing Case Taper automatically adjusts each case size, reducing fill volume and shipping costs, giving even further savings and environmental benefits.

A complete range of environmentally friendly case taping machines for production or dispatch

The Case Taper range includes Erectors, Taper, Reducers and Specials:

  • Case Erectors that erect the box and tape across the bottom of the case.
  • Case Tapers that tape the top and/or bottom of the box with water activated gummed paper tape
  • Volume Reducing Case Tapers that scan the contents of the incoming box and cut the height down to suit the product, before taping the box.
  • Special taping applications- These include Flat Packs and H Tapers.

The following criteria demonstrate the range of machinery

  1. Does the machine handle more that one size without changeover? A taping heads that automatically adjusts to the box size as it enters the machine is required. We talk about boxes arriving chaotically or non-homogenously.
  2. Does the taper close the upper flaps of the box or does an operator close manually before the machine arrives? Manual, semi and fully automatic solutions available.
  3. What is the throughput for environmentally friendly case tapers? Speed of handling depends on the model selected, whether it carries out reducing operations and also on the length of the box being taped. Small boxes can be taped faster than large ones.

Paper Tape Specification

Paper Weight: min 60 g/ m3
Tape Width: 60 – 80 (100) mm
Reel Diameter: 400 mm
Tape trail length: 30 - 90 mm

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News about RAUPACK Environmentally friendly Case Tapers:

Reduce packaging, Reduce plastic, Recycle everything

Customers are looking for sustainable alternatives to plastic packaging. Glass and card are fully recyclable and have existing recycling infrastructure in place.
26/11/2021 17:15:50

Opitz and Raupack deliver Case Openers, Case Erectors and Case Sealers to Europa Worldwide

Six different bottles of wine, next day delivery and of course last minute changes. Putting all that together is made easier by having the right machinery in place, machinery that eases the flow of goods from warehouse to each customers doorstep. Raupack and Opitz have delivered seven packaging machines to Europa Worldwide to meet demand for mixed wine cases. Highly flexible case erectors, openers and sealers have been installed in Corby.
16/09/2021 05:02:09

Opitz installs Case Erector at Internet Business fulfillment Centre

Opitz has installed another Case erector at a Fulfilment centre in the midlands. This is the second case erecting machine to be installed at this customers site. The fulfilment centre is for internet orders that are picked direct to the end customer.
14/09/2018 14:26:47

Volume Reducer with Lidder offers even more Flexibility to German furniture manufacturer

The Opitz Vario 558 Volume Reducing Case Closer and Sealer leads the way in flexibility and efficiency when it comes to automatic case closers. Opitz are now offering a separate lid application on the Vario 558 alongside existing options. Different cases can be sealed or lidded, all on the same conveyor, in random sequence. No more switching and separating according to different case sizes or closing requirements.
16/03/2022 14:44:13

Volume reducing case sealer wins Innovation prize

Raupack has recently taken on the Agency for Opitz Maschinentechnik who in 2016 won an innovation award for their Volume Reducing Case Sealer, the Vario 558. This volume reducing case sealing machine will close cases of differing footprint and heights on the fly.
20/11/2017 15:51:20

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