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Aerofid Aerosol Leak Detector
We provide aerosol leak detectors as part of verified waterbath alternative or after water bath. It detects propellant gases like R134A, propane/butane, LPG, DME or other hydrocarbons. The speed can go up to 80, 120 or even 240 cans per minute.

We also supply funtion testers that test whether the valve is working perfectly in the can. The aerosol valve function tester uses infra-red reflective sensors to measure spray. The speed of the machine is up to 200 cans per minute.

Our pin hole detectors have very high accuracy (they can go down to 10 micron). It uses infra red light to detect any hole or tear on a blister or foil.

Our optical tablet control system works very effectively by analysing different colour classes. The changeover on the system is very quick, it can be done in less than a minute. The system uses biometric user management as well. Plenty of evaluation statistics are available with detailed information.

We also offer high quality print inspection system for print quality check or optical character recognition.

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