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Food and Beverage Machines

Frozen Foods, Confectionary, Whisky, Beverage

Order Picking System processing 200 pallets per hour

From Advent calendars filled with Chocolate, Straws that turn the milk brown through to pouches of coffee powder, we have a variety of standard and customised machines for the food industry.

Our very reliable and high quality Vertical Cartoning Machines can speed up to 60 cartons per minute. These compact vertical cartoners are capable of handling uniquely shaped cartons such as ballotins, pillow packs, curves, trapeziums, etc. Available with semi automatic or fully automatic loading as well. It contains bottle loader and also multi-head weigher. Our Horizontal Cartoning Machine speeds up to 120 cartons per minute despite its compact footprint. Semi automatic or fully automatic loading is available.

Our Case Erectors fire out cases where they are loaded either by hand or automatically. Servo driven machine for accuracy and fast changeover.

Our Case Packing Machines handle wrap around or standard cases at up to 60 cases per minute. Shelf ready, perforated or lidded cases as well.

We can palletise from multiple lines with our gantry robots, being able to pick from/to dollies pallets, conveyors or cages. Our gantry Palletisers are installed in factories like Carlsberg, where there huge span and innovative gripper technology handles keg, can and case.

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News about Food and Beverage Machines:

OCS Checkweigher with Reject available for immediate delivery
11/17/2016 12:02:28 PM

Raupack has an OCS EC-E checkweigher available for immediate delivery. The checkweigher, available for immediate dispatch, consists of a weigh cell, an infeed and outfeed conveyor as well as an integrated reject with lockable container.

Jakob and Wienmeier Supply cartoners to Tea Industry
2/23/2016 3:42:16 PM

Recently JW have supplied two vertical cartoners to the Tea Industry. Of these the first was essentially a Bag in Box cartoner placing a Flow pack of tea bags into a Gable top Carton.

Gantry Robot system installed at UK crisp manufacturer

In 2015 a Gantry Robot was installed at a UK Crisp manufacturer. The original decision to purchase the Gantry Palletiser was made in part due to the reliable construction of the components which became clear to the customer when he saw a system in operation.

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